domingo, maio 22, 2005

As vezes é melhor ser entendido por poucos que por ninguém...

Ok, isso foi postado numa comunidade do orkut... não, não é zoeira...

"Hi Everybody !!!
My name is Marcelo and day 02/11/05 My boss called us for a meeting and I'm full of work to doing so, I know that is meeting was just for nothing. I'm to finish of my service and after i going to meeting.He to begun to doing ofend me and i'm to explanation my argument when he with arrogance to make comparisons very strange into time to made a service and to piss.(Idiot !!!!).
The others workers without attitude and with very fear, just to keep quiet.The incredible was the many workers would like to received a punish for I don't to keep quiet me.
How don't is a puppet ?
How don't to damage to speak my thinks ?
Tell me please
All the best my friends !!"